Florida Velodrome Association

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Florida Velodrome Association

A Not for Profit 501(c)(4)


  • Join us for the FVA Tuesday Night series October 14 thru November 18th!

  • We are still looking for sponsors and volunteers.
  • Track guide for Roadies
  • Press Coverage in the Sun Sentinel
  • “Meet the Velodrome” - VIDEO
  • Velodrome Clinic coverage in the Sun Sentinel

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  • The Florida Velodrome Association is committed to:

    • Promoting awareness of the Velodrome at Brian Piccolo Park in Broward County.
    • Developing the sport of track cycling by establishing and running a consistent,
    well organized racing program for athletes of all capabilities.
    • Developing local youth participants in the sport of cycling.
    • Promoting a “Fit For Life” philosophy for athletes of all ages.